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Put your phone lists right where they belong!

Callboy is a simple tool to create project specifc stafflists. Create lists on your phone and computer or simply import lists for your projects and teams!

Manage lists on your smartphone. You can call or text team members with just one simple touch!

Share your phone lists with your team members. All changes are synced automatically!

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Private Lists

Private Lists are only saved on your smartphone and can only be read by you.

They are independent from your normal contacts and thus can easily be cleared or deleted once you don't need them any more.


With your account you can sync lists across multiple devices.

For example you can create a list on your computer and later continue using and editing it on your phone.

from others

You can share Team-Lists with others.

You can open, but not edit, lists others have shared with you inside the App.

Once you don't need a shared list anymore you can simply delete it.

import lists

Within the Webapp you can import Excel and CSV lists. You can select which columns from your table you want to use as name, phone number and info.

If you have a list in the format of this file. You can send it via e-mail to your smartphone and import it to the App.